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Ripped By Rubén Vilagrand

Rubén Vilagrand presents RIPPED!


After the awarded "Hooked" and "Unplugged", used by the most demanding magicians in the world, comes "RIPPED", the latest original creation by Rubén Vilagrand for the professional illusionist.


Imagine changing the viewer's cellphone without them realising and also doing it at the same time the audience does not stop laughing. Now you can obtain the watch of whoever you want without any effort. Make the invisible deck appear in a fun way. Its possibilities are limitless. Very powerful magic and comedy.


"Ripped" is much more than just a gear bag.

It is a new tool in which you can make changes, disappearances and appearances in a natural, simple and unsuspected way. Plus "Ripped" is a hilarious gag that does all the work for you. Forget about the overused and outdated traditional magician's Change Bags and start using "Ripped".


* Each set is handmade.

* Top quality materials perfectly imitating paper.

* Extremely Durable.

* Very simple preparation.

* Automatic.

* 100% precise.

* No bad angles.

* Without electronics.


Limited edition.


It will soon become one of your favourite tools!


This wonder could only have been created by Rubén Vilagrand.




“It's deceptive and it's fun, it's useful and it generates drama, it's a work of engineering and it seems harmless, it's 100% reusable but I wouldn't use it to go shopping.

Simply put, "Ripped" is your new favourite magic tool and mine too.


    -“Mario Lopez”


I have been studying and researching methods of change bags for years. When I started working on my idea of the “useless bag” I thought I had created an interesting tool. Then Rubén arrived and transformed a concept into a work of art. “Ripped” is an accessory that cannot be missing from the professional magician's artillery.


    -“Carlos Adriano”

Ripped By Rubén Vilagrand

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