Salted By Rubén Vilagrand

Probably the most versatile Salt pour Gimmick of the market! 


Salted is the result of many years of study and practice of this contemporary classic gem in magic.

Rubén Vilagrand combines the best of the best in this amazing piece.

He puts together his passion for design and materials and has been inspired by names like, Roy Benson, Fred Kaps, Jose Frakson, Slydini, Paul Kozak, Levent, Joe Porper and many others. Today he shares with you one of the most all-round gimmicks on the market. This combined with impressive and clean techniques makes a really strong tool!! 


A special thank you to Dani Bautista for the help in the process of making the design and to Javi Benítez for “The J.Benítez steal”.


Also a big thank you to Iñaki Zabaleta, Michel, Facundo Daelli, Adrián Carratalá & Josemaría Alcazar.

Salted By Rubén Vilagrand