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Unboxed By Rubén Vilagrand & RCBox

I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of “Nest of Boxes”, but I never found the right ones for me. Something about the original effect never felt quite right… Was it the style? The design? The method? I didn’t know… But what I did know was that I could create a killer effect for my show! After years of working on it and studying the most popular methods I finally found the perfect combination for me. And I’m sure you will love it too! Together with RCRbox we designed a unique set of 3 boxes with a stunning design, inspired by industrial works from the beginning of the XX century. Like the legendary “Water Torture Cell” of HOUDINI. We found the perfect mix of the artisan soul, with modern and lighter materials and one of the most versatile and mechanical methods. You will be able to perform without an assistant! Every set will be handmade upon request and will be produced with its unique number. And you can choose your favourite color design: COPPER or ALUMINUM. This is also a perfect match with “Ripped”, one of my other products. The combination of “Unboxed”, “Ripped”, and the routine provided makes a killer combination!



Unboxed By Rubén Vilagrand & RCBox

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