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Unmasked By Arkadio & Solange - Rubén Vilagrand version

Unmasked by Arkadio & Solange - The Rubén Vilagrand Presentation!


After the worldwide success of UNMASKED - Rubén Vilagrand has given one more turn to the presentation of this fabulous effect, and in a very comical way!

An alteration to modern days!

It is indispensable in your repertoire for parlor and close-up magic.

A funny and instant reset  magic routine.

The spectator chooses a card freely, the magician tries to decipher it by painting it with a marker on his own face mask, but upon revealing it, the spectators find themselves in a complete meaningless doodle.

After a magical pass, the scribble takes the shape of the chosen card with a great visual impact!

Designed and manufactured by Costums SK, an original idea designed for these times.


- Easy to present

- Tested fabric for masks Covid-19

- No angles

- Instant reset


Pack includes:

- 1x gimmicked mask.

- Tutorial link


* Unmasked is what Magic has to be: original, unexpected and powerful. Jandro

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Unmasked By Arkadio & Solange - Rubén Vilagrand version